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Please help save my printable


Please help save my printable
Please help me!  Somebody reported my worksheet, but I did nothing wrong.  I used pictures from another site, and made them into cards.  I also added the words to the cards.  On the last page are many activities to be played with the cards.  How can somebody accuse me of copying from another site just because the pictures came from the internet?  I am so angry.  Please vote and help me to keep my printable.  I used the same pictures in another printable that gained me 112 points in the past.  Will that be reported too?  Will all of my worksheets be reported because I used pictures from the net to create them?  Somebody out there is not aware of the rules and reporting people unfairly.  I feel so dicouraged.  Why should I spend so much time creating worksheets if I have to worry they will be deleted unfairly?
Please please please help.
The printable that is reported is the one with the īPrecious Moments ABCs Cards ī
Thank you so much in advance for your help,

24 Jun 2009      


HI!.. Iīve felt the same as you. A couple of months ago I had a Ws that was reported, except that I still havenīt been informed about the reason why that happened. Iīve tried to write on the forum, I wrote to vgayol, without success. I still feel really disappointed about it and angry because I also used images and cliparts from the Net, but the written content was mine. I īm afraid to spend a lot of time and effort on another Ws an get the same result. Maybe that īs why I don īt have many points... It īs a pitty that no one takes responsibility on such actions and especially that no one gives me an answer, which, I suppose, was the least they could do.

24 Jun 2009     



I guess Melisa īs feeling is not about the points, it is about fairness... I have a close ralationship with her and she is not beig dramatic, she is tired of being reported... that īs it.

Her worksheet is ok, there is nothing wrong with it, so I think it should stay.

24 Jun 2009     


No worries stexstme.  Maybe it sounded dramatic.  I was angry when I wrote that.  I don īt care about the points.  I don īt even download from this site often as I am not currently teaching.  I just like to be rewarded when I spend a lot of time making something.  It didn īt just take me 10 minutes to make that worksheet.  It is frustrating and unfair for it to be reported as copied, when it wasn īt.  Thank you Julieta for being a great mediator and also thanks for the encouragement.
NinaRaven:  I think Victor is very busy and can īt be responding to all of the complaints he recieves on this site.  It is frustrating that there is no one person to complain to, but we do have the forum.  I have decided that I need to fight back.  The forum is a great place for that.  In the past we saw who reported our sheets and all of the comments made in the vote.  That had to be changed because people were getting malicious and starting wars.  This site is always improving and changing.  I can only hope for fairness and help from fellow moderators.  I hope you don īt give up on this site.  It is a great learning, as well as teaching tool.

24 Jun 2009     


Everybody uses pictures from the net to create new worksheets! I think the printable īPrecious Moments ABCs Cards ī should stay.

24 Jun 2009     


On the net you can find Precious Moments graphics, tubes and font, but I think they are protected by copyright (not sure though)

Perhaps you should visit their page to see if there is something about the topic: http://www.preciousmoments.com/

24 Jun 2009     

United States

I checked the site that the clipart came from and didn īt find ANY copyright information so I am willing to assume that they are public domain and can be used.  If there had been copyright limitations identified on the site Iwould have voted to delete.  There was no limitations identified so I voted for it to remain. --that simple

24 Jun 2009     


Hi me_fig
How are you?
I completely understand how you feel!
People are overreacting!!
I suppose Victor should think of another way of controlling "cheaters" because this way
we are getting an undesirable and an unfriendly environment on the site. There are too many "judges" and "persecuters".
What do you think?

24 Jun 2009