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Reported worksheets


Reported worksheets

Let me start by saying how much I love this site.  It is very addictive and I have learned many new things from other members.

The wonderful this is that the site is always changing and trying to improve.  I understand why the change was made to not include the reporter of worksheets.  It was causing wars between people.  Still the reported worksheets is not perfect.  I believe some sheets are being reported unfairly.  Some people aren īt following the guidlines of what is a bad and what is a good worksheet. 
I recently had a worksheet reported unfairly (hense this post).  I used pictures from another site, but I took the time to make them into something new and included many new activities.  This follows the guidlines of the website.  If someone is going to report a worksheet they should follow the rules and take the time to check out someones full worksheet before reporting it.
I don īt believe in just complaining about problems.  I like to try and think of sollutions.  I wonder if it would be possible (and I am not tech savey so I don īt know how possible it is) to keep track of who is reporting sheets that don īt get voted off.  If a person wrongfully reports too many worksheets I believe they should be removed from this site.  There is no need to be abusing our power.

24 Jun 2009      

David Lisgo

A very similar worksheet, which used the same pictures, was uploaded by someone the other day so probably the person who reported your worksheet made the understandable error of thinking it was the same worksheet, but all of the sharp eyed moderators spotted that the two worksheets were indeed different and have asked that the worksheet remain.
Admittedly there are worksheets being reported unfairly or even spitefully on a daily basis but I think that in your case it was simply a case of mistaken identity and the moderating process seems to be working. And to my knowledge there are no restrictions on the use of the pictures you used from the said website, if there were then the story would be quite different.
Anyway I hope your anger has susided and that a happy outcome for everyone is attained.

24 Jun 2009     


The "very similar worksheet" was mine.  I created it.  It gained over 60 points and was deleted unfairly.

24 Jun 2009     

maria martins

How do we know that a worksheet is reported?
Answer please...

24 Jun 2009     


Maria, if one of your worksheets is reported then you are sent a message being told as such.  The moderators (members with more than 1000 points) then vote whether to keep it or remove it. 
I think that if you aren īt a moderator, you can see the sheets which have been reported that day, though any member can report a worksheet with good reasons.

24 Jun 2009     


I would suggest that it is nearly impossible to create a worksheet that does not have something that has been done elsewhere! . If twenty people desined a worksheet about the use of plural nouns, you would probably find some parts, ideas, or methods that seem similar between certain worksheets.

We are not inventing the wheel after all. We are just trying to improve it and find varied uses for it.

30 Jun 2009