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ESL forum > Ask for help > What programs do you folks use to make those colourful worksheets?    

What programs do you folks use to make those colourful worksheets?


What programs do you folks use to make those colourful worksheets?
I īm brand new to this site and am so impressed with the sheets people have devised themselves. I have a clip art disc with images that could be very helpful, but don īt know what program some of you might be using to combine the graphics with the text exactly the way you want. them. I only know how to copy an image into Word and resize it, and then I have to fight the program to place the images and any corresponding text where I want them.  Any tips or software recommendations would be much appreciated, and I promise to share the results!

25 Jun 2009      


I personally used Word and nothing else. When you copy in image into a word document, right-click the image and in form (not sure about the term because obviously I īve got it in French), put it in front of the text and then you can move it exactly as you wish, without any problem. Hope it helps.

25 Jun 2009     


there are tutorials in this site.. hereīs the link of one made by frechfrog..
Hope it works for you.

25 Jun 2009     


 Smile Hi Thaisoneon! WELCOME to this wonderful site! All you need is Microsoft Word and some very nice, top quality graphics.
Have a good night/ day.

26 Jun 2009     


Yep, I agree.  I only use Word 2003 and PPT 2003.

26 Jun 2009     


Hi there...
Personally, I hate Word and find it really hard to use.  I use Microsoft Publisher, save the pages as a jpeg and then copy and paste.  You could also use Powerpoint as the other users do.
Have fun.

26 Jun 2009