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ESL forum > Ask for help > cheap steak and mars bars    

cheap steak and mars bars

Nabila Manzur

cheap steak and mars bars
can u help me pls with this translation please?
thx in advance

25 Jun 2009      

New Zealand

mmmmmmm steak....... mmmmmmmmmm mars bars........

What is it that you need? Both are yummie!

EDIT: I am off to bed.... so maybe someone else can help you? I miss mars bars.... ooooooh the caramel and chocolatey goodness... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

25 Jun 2009     


Bifteks baratos y chocolates Mars.

25 Jun 2009     

Nabila Manzur

I need the meaning of those words, cause i dont know them. They appear in an exercise about unusual things people eat around the world. what is the meaning of mars bars? and cheap steak, is that it isnt expensive????
It doesnt ring the bell for me... thanks again

26 Jun 2009     

alien boy

a ´cheap steak ´ is an inexpensive steak, usually beef.

this is a ´Mars Bar ´


Enjoy the meal!

26 Jun 2009     


Mars Bar - yum, all 250 calories of it!
There is more info on Mars Bars here.  They are not the same in each country.

26 Jun 2009     

Nabila Manzur

thx a lot!!!

26 Jun 2009     

United States

Just found some Mars bars at the International Market in a neighboring city.  Some showed signs of melting but that is alright and ordered some reeses to be mailed to me... mmmm mars, 3 musketeers and reeses...
I believe a cheap steak is the Chuck eye portion of the cow which is a little fattier than other steaks and portions of the cow.  As for prices it is the cheapest steak or the most inexpensive like AB said.  For instance where I am at a regular steak dinner starts at 25,000 won (Korean money) while the chuck eye or Cheap steak starts at 12,000 won (Korean money).  It is a little more greasy and thinner usually, but cooks to well done very quickly.

26 Jun 2009