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films in english


films in english
Hello I m  desperate, I need your help!!!
Does anyone know where can I find films in english. I hav a group of students of 12 to 15 and Ive  been trying to download films in English but is has been impossible.
Can anyone help me ?????

1 Jul 2009      

United States

You can buy and download films at Itunes or buy them on Amazon.

Downloading without buying is theft.
Do you have a budget for your English department at your school?  You ought to add films to your budget.

I buy films at my local Video shop - many of the older films for children are pretty cheap.


1 Jul 2009     

Sylwia G

I m sending you you a link to a list of "Wallace and Gromit" films. to download the films you have to register, first. if you need help, send me a pm. You can dowload films together with ss books and T s book


ps. libertybelle, what if the school does not have any money to spend on teaching aids, my school does not even buy posters

1 Jul 2009     

United States


It is still theft.  Sorry, but I don t believe in boot-legging and pirate copying.
How would you feel if you made something and everyone just stole it?

If the films you are talking about are free - then no problem.
But I just don t condone theft and I don t think we should teach our
students that it is ok to steal.

If your school is so stingy that it won t even buy posters, I would start a campaign together with teachers all over your country to put pressure on your minister of education.
Awareness is the first step towards changes. It s when you don t do anything that things stay the same.

Politicians think they can save money on kids and education- what kind of future is that?


1 Jul 2009     


this is my first participation in this forum. Libertybelle, What you say is true and shows that you are an honest person. Actually, I don t believe in copyright when it comes to teaching or learning. it s not acceptable to impose that in a country where the majority of peopel can t afford buying food.

1 Jul 2009     


I usually borrow films on DVD from the British Council library in my city. Perhaps there is their office/library in your city/town. Membership fee is really low here, at least here in Warsaw.

Take care Everyone!

1 Jul 2009     

manonski (f)

akhssass I hope nobody steals your work one day. There are ways that are legal and respectful of people s work.  I totally agree with Liberty s comments.

1 Jul 2009     


Hi Oretix, it is sometimes so hard to bring films into the classroom. Realities are different in one country and another. If you have no other option, my advice is that you can rent a film and maybe ask the school to pay for it, just for one day, it is not that expensive. I hope it helps.

1 Jul 2009     


I think it is right to steal to teach and educate students, so that they do not steal to earn their lives in the future!!! Anyone who creates these products ,if they are real artists, would never say no of it to be used in the classrooms.

1 Jul 2009