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ESL forum > Ask for help > teaching a blind student    

teaching a blind student

United Arab Emirates

teaching a blind student
Hi everyone

Next year i am going to teach a blind student, she will be in grade two.  I am concerned about her a lot, i took a course in braille method.  My problem is how to teach her because she needs an individual classes..

I am very confused, I am afraid...... Please advise me and give me suggestions!

I want your help

Um Saif 

1 Jul 2009      


First of all,  she is lucky to have you so be more positive.
You may be able to find some ideas here,  you just have to pick through them and find what you can use.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.
:  )

1 Jul 2009     


She is blind + English is a language = only oral lessons (ask and answer, simple listening comprehensions). You can use common objects so she can touch them while you say the word.

2 Jul 2009     

David Lisgo

A free book on the topic of teaching blind children is available through the above link.

2 Jul 2009     

United Arab Emirates

Hello Um Saif,
she is so lucky as eng789 said to have u as a teacher.
i advise u to focus on using different audios and songs as she is still in grade two. btw, dont u have special needs classes in ur school?
and also make sure to prepare the other students by talking to them about her case. kids can be harsh sometimes!

2 Jul 2009     


Hi Fatma.

Firstly, if she is in a classroom situation, what a wonderful experience for the rest of the students.  They will learn so much from him/her just being with them.

Secondly, as you have already gone to the trouble of learning brail, why not go one step further and contact your local “Blind Workers Organisation” or a similar org. Ask them for some guidelines about the handling of the student. Not necessarily the teaching side but more on the emotive and physical sides.

Once the (not the nicest way of explaining but truest I think) novelty wears off everyone will realise that he/she is a person, just like the rest of us.


2 Jul 2009     


1.               Kapperman, G. and Sticken, J. (2003) ‘Using the Braille Lite to study foreign languages’, Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 97(11), pp. 704-709.

2 Jul 2009     

United Arab Emirates

Many thanks for replies

I will try my best to teach and help her.  I will let you know what i will do for her.

Yesterday we started our summer holiday and I am going to find out resources for her from now.

Many thanks for your replies


3 Jul 2009