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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > My favourite mushrooms    

My favourite mushrooms

Russian Federation

My favourite mushrooms
Dear Colleagues,
what do yu call these in English? I īve found so many variants, but since they are my favourite mushrooms, I need to know what people in different countries call them :)

9 Mar 2017      


Boletus in English, I think.

Baravykas in Lithuanian.

9 Mar 2017     



9 Mar 2017     

United States

https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-4778957-stock-footage-basket-with-penny-bun-mushrooms-in-the-background-autumn-decoration.html says they are called penny bun mushrooms.

When I looked in google images for boletus I could not find boletus mushrooms that looked the same to me as the mushrooms in the picture, but this site says the names are synonymous, as Bruce explains below. 
So, thanks Bruce and Silvanija for clearing it up.

Edit: Yes, Ines, linguee verifies that it is Steinpilz.

9 Mar 2017     

United States

Thanks for narrowing it down, Mary. "Penny bun mushrooms" is one name in the US, but they are more commonly called "porcini mushrooms". We usually find them dried in the grocery stores, rather than fresh. However, lately more stores carry a variety of mushrooms. 20 years ago, white button mushrooms were all that could be found in a grocery store. As Silvanija said, their botanical name is "boletus".

9 Mar 2017     


Steinpilz in German, I think I īm right. I don īt know many mushrooms.

9 Mar 2017     


What do you call it in Russian?

9 Mar 2017     

United Kingdom

These looked like toadstools to me and I got a belly ache just looking at them  So I īve googled them and they are indeed porcini (pronounced in the Italian way - porcheeny) mushrooms. So well done, guys on naming them! I must say, I īve never seen them fresh in shops  and you īd have to visit a big store even to get them dried and they are really expensive. 
I īm a mushroom-lover though, so I īll be after some now!  
Edit: I live in the north of England. 

9 Mar 2017     


Mushroom picking is a popular hobby around here, as well as in Russia and Lithuania, I suppose. You can make delicious soup or sauce with this particular kind. You can find them fresh in the market or in the forest. They īre my favourite. 

9 Mar 2017     


In France they are called cepes. They are very popular tasty and expensive. I have them in my garden ! Haha ! LYnne what are you waiting for. We had yesterday "omelette aux cepes" ! MIam !

9 Mar 2017     


As far as I know, the British and Americans don īt really know the differences between most "wild mushrooms" and end up calling all of them "wild mushrooms".

9 Mar 2017     

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