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ESL forum > Message board > Should there be a rule against listening worksheets without audio?    

Should there be a rule against listening worksheets without audio?


Should there be a rule against listening worksheets without audio?
Dear friends,
Sometimes worksheets are reported for being listening exercises without audio (and therefore useless), but the fact is that there is not a written rule against that, and that is not fair.
Should we add a new rule against listening worksheets without audio? In that case, how could the audio be provided? 
I d love to know your opinions.
Thanks for your help! 

19 Apr 2017      


Hi, I think there should be a rule against a listening exercise without  an audio link even if there is a tape script. In  my opinion a listening worksheet is only useful if there is actually a listening, something with a different voice .

19 Apr 2017     

United Kingdom

Not all teachers have recording equipment, so please don t ban listening exercises with tapescript. A listening exercise with the tapescript provided is a perfectly valid contribution. 

19 Apr 2017     

manonski (f)

A worksheet without a link or a tapescript is kind of useless. Some people offer to send the link if it is requested but we all know that members come and go. I would defintely modify the rule but not penalized old worksheets.

19 Apr 2017     

nuno miguel

I agree with cunliffe.

Sometimes I have the audio, but sometimes I only have the script. In that case, I read it to my students specially the ones in a lower grade.

19 Apr 2017     

maryse pey

In my humble opinion if there is, at least, a tapescript it is ok.
But the audio links on internet are not always available, some disappear and you are left only the exercise; Youtube (if I am well informed) can t be registered, downloaded on your computer. Other CDs or registrations are (very often) difficult to share.
The best means might be the linked registration of a text with the worksheet but I guess that there are technical problems, registration problems about the accent(s) for example.
On this site it sounds more difficult than the possible exercises on LiveWorksheets.
Hugs to all.

19 Apr 2017     

Czech Republic

I agree with cunliffe.

19 Apr 2017     


I agree with cunliffe. Besides, sometimes the audio material is available on youtube or on other sites. So listening worksheets even without audio are still a useful material.

19 Apr 2017     


I suggest to make it possible to send the audio files through PM. That would solve the problem! 

19 Apr 2017     


I agree with Cunliffe and Maryse. Without any audio link or tapescript the ws is useless.
A tapescript MUST be included. If there is a link it would be a plus. And if the author accepts to send the audio file to members, that means a super-plus.
Let s not make it too complicated or complex. Listening worksheets are really useful to many people.

19 Apr 2017     

United States

I would agree that if there is a tape script included with the listening exercises, that it is sufficient.  

19 Apr 2017     

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