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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Present simple or continuous?    

Present simple or continuous?

Czech Republic

Present simple or continuous?
Dear colleagues.

I feel really embarrased asking this question but I have to askUnhappy

I found this sentence and I am not sure what tense use.
(Peter and Jane work) in London at the moment?

Because there is "at the moment", it s indicating there should be pr. continuous but I d rather use pr. simple because I understand it that they have  been living and working there for some time, and they go to work on regular basis.

Sorry to ask you such silly question, but I m really confused.

Thank you very much, Michaela

19 Nov 2009      


Indeed, that "at the moment seems confusing. But I must agree with you... "at the moment" refers to a rather permanent thing so we use present simple. We would have used pres. cont. if the verb had referred to an action going on in the moment of speaking. So, there s no doubt about it... present simple rules! Good luck!

19 Nov 2009     


Yeah, I agree present simple rules, because the present continuous refers to an action that s happening right now


19 Nov 2009     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot for your answers. Thumbs Up

19 Nov 2009     


I see it the exact opposite !! ?! What I understand is that They work somewhere else and at the moment they are working in London - for a change - or for a determined period of time. I would use Pres.Cont.
The sentence may be wrong!

19 Nov 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

We can use present continuous for temporary situations. "This week I am staying at my friend s place". At the moment indicates that probably they work at another place and it is temporary (maybe it is going to last for a week or for a month). So, I would use Present Continuous.

19 Nov 2009     

Vivi Quir

definitely present continuous!

19 Nov 2009     


I tend to agree with Gabitza. I d say that they work in general but at the moment (which is not all the time but the moment we say it) they are working in London.

19 Nov 2009     


Yup. I would also use the Present Continuous tense in the example. 

19 Nov 2009     


I also vote for Present Continuous!

19 Nov 2009     


Present Continuous for sure!

19 Nov 2009     

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