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hello guys
 i have a question please , in my whole life i know that the word often we don ┤t pronounce the /t/ sound but lately i diecovered that it could be pronounced so which one is correct?

5 Mar 2010      


Both are ok.

5 Mar 2010     


Yes, both are fine. In fact, I often pronounce the "t". Smile

5 Mar 2010     

Bruna Dutra

My students also get puzzled, and I have a hard time explaining that some parts of the world pronounce the ┤t ┤ in often, but I have to say that I have never heard the ┤t ┤ being pronounced in "listen" for example. Does it also have the ┤t ┤ pronounced in some regions?!


5 Mar 2010     


You wouldn ┤t pronounce the "t" in soften so I just tell my pupils that it is silent to save confussion.
No, you don ┤t hear the "t" in listen either. 
No wonder our pupils have such a hard time learning English.  Wink

5 Mar 2010     


áI used to be taught by a Scottish and he told me that they pronounce the "t" there.

5 Mar 2010     


I pronounce the ┤t ┤ and teach my students to pronounce it as when it comes to spelling the word it makes it easier.

5 Mar 2010     

United Kingdom

It ┤s optional, but I ┤ve always thought that pronouncing the ┤t ┤ is more of an affectation, particularly among people who wish to be thought of as ┤educated ┤. It ┤s a bit like people who use ┤whilst ┤ instead of ┤while ┤...

Oh, by the way, rmouh, I ┤m Scottish, or Scots, or a Scotsman (not a Scottish) and I ┤ve never used that intrusive ┤t ┤.

5 Mar 2010     


I pronounce the ┤t┤ in often.
Both forms are perfectly acceptable in Australia and our national dictionary lists both forms.
There┤s a very interesting article here on the history of the pronunciation of the ┤t┤.
Cheers  --  Jayho

6 Mar 2010     

United Kingdom

Yes, Jayho, it is a very interesting article. Very interesting, but it doesn ┤t really support - in fact, it takes the rip out of - your preferred pronunciation.  Do you really say ┤off-ten ┤ often? Am I hearing Kath & Kim here?

6 Mar 2010     


It ┤s a softer "t" sound than that... LOL

"Oft-en" not "Off-ten" Wink

6 Mar 2010     

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