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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > GROUP Textboxes + pics PLEASE !!!    

GROUP Textboxes + pics PLEASE !!!

Czech Republic

GROUP Textboxes + pics PLEASE !!!
I would like to thank for the wonderful work! ESP worksheets are amazing! Eslprintables is a heaven for teachers! Thanks Victor for creating this site!

I have an IMPORTANT suggestion!
While making a worksheet, work in DRAWING CANVAS and GROUP all the textboxes PLEASE!!! (and pics)
When you group the textboxes, they will not move and they can be changed into outlined BW version in a few clicks!!! When your UNGROUPED worksheet is opened in OTHER VERSION of Windows, it can be a terrible mess!

Dear TEMPLATES designers, PLEASE group all the textboxes and work in a PAINTING CANVAS in MS Word... You can save a lot of time of all users!!! Imagine the hundreds of new worksheets made with your wonderful templates... and many need to be changed into BW...
Don īt get me wrong, I love colours, but they can be displayed or printed few times, not hundreds of times :-) Please make your ws even more USEFUL !

I beg all the boardgame templates contributors to UPDATE their templates!
Please pleaaase! Many people don īt have money to print in color and they HAVE TO change all the worksheets and boardgames into BW...

Thank you for your attention!
Keep on sharing! and let īs save the ink!

ps: How to group? Work within painting/drawing frame (painting canvas) and select all parts by moving mouse diagonally... Easy and effective! If you need help, PM me!

9 Mar 2010      


Thank you Moravc for yesterday īs reply to my post. .....


9 Mar 2010     

Bruna Dutra

Hi, Moravc.
I can say that I pretty much agree with you in the color/saving ink matter. However, as I was trying to get more points at the beginning (and now again, to be a moderator again, maybe =D) I made my wss really colorful and appealing to the eye. Mainly because I noticed they would give me more downloads (I deleted one that gave me 15 points only, updated the layout to a colorful one and uploaded and it īs now up to 260+ points - the same resource), so, I guess everyone goes with the flow.
As to the games, I make my games really colorful, but intentionally, because you can print one, laminate it and that īs it, it īs good for a loooong time and many rounds of playing, and still, it īs nice to have colorful and attractive things, so I guess the games is one way to go for colors.
But I wish B&W wss were more appreciated, and I guess so would the planet! ; )
See you around!

9 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

Hello Bruna,
I have no problem with colours at all, but if EVERBODY GROUPS ALL PARTS of the worksheet, all the downloaders can make the BW copy whenever  they need it... (in 5 seconds)

I also print in COLOR sometimes but I think it is the EASIEST WAY when we group all the parts and work within drawing canvas... to make your worksheets ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Smile

It īs easy, it will not take our time and IT WILL HELP THE PLANET :-D

So, please all contributors reading this post to publish the GROUPED boardgames and textboxes worksheets or  upload color + BW version of their worksheets.

You will save time of your colleagues, ink and our environment!
Thank you!

9 Mar 2010     

Bruna Dutra

@Moravc, YES, sorry, I forgot to congratulate you for the great (and simple to do) idea!

Thanks for the tip!

9 Mar 2010     

Vivi Quir

Bruna, if u want to be a moderator, I can kindly donate my "privilage" to u. LOL!!!  I never have enough time, really, I even, more often than not, miss my chance to download my  free daily printables... We can introduce sth like this, right? a kind of voluntary "cession"... How about that?

9 Mar 2010     

Bruna Dutra

Hi, Vivi... Thanks for the offer!!! But I would pass it for now! I don īt have much time right this moment of the year, even though I really liked to help Victor and everyone to vote on the īabuses ī, I keep reporting, of course, it would be a īdisfavor ī of the site not to. And if I can īt go to the abuse page, it īs better for now, it īs really time-consuming and I thank the others who are able to do this now.

In time, I īll make more wss (not needing them very much now) and send īem. then when things are smoother down here the tropics, I īll get back to moderating.

I hate it when I miss my 30 daily wss!!!! ehehhehe
My husband even complains that everyday before 8 pm I need ten minutes and "HAVE" to come to Eslprintables!!!

see you around Vivi!! But if the donation thing really kicks in, send me those babies!!!! =D


9 Mar 2010     

Yulia Mo
Russian Federation

moravc, i understand your concern but i agree with Bruna. The more colorful the ws is, the more downloads it gets, that is the rule. But in my wss i started to make real bw version to save time for others. Some people do the same.
Grouping can really help. It will not help much to group pics, but with textboxes it would be really easy to do. I spend quite some time printing wss from the site just adjusting it to be more printer friendly. Wish it was easier...

9 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

Make colourful wss, get a lot of points for them BUT group the textboxes!

What I do: I work within DRAWING CANVAS.
First I group all textboxes, so they can be changed into BW quickly
Then I group all pics
Later I can make the pics grayscale and BW - combining these two tools in MS Word makes all the pictures OUTLINED, no gray colour, only thin black lines :-D  REAALY printer friendly! Embarrassed

So, Yulia, if you manage to group all texboxes, that would be really great!
If you manage to group all pics, it may help some more skillful pc users too !!!
At least , all downloaders will be able to have neat worksheets...

It is a problem! Really! Try to open some ungrouped wss in various versions of MS Word!
And you will see A TERRIBLE MESS !!! Cry
Members of ESP use at least 5 versions of Windows! So the grouping is really necessary!

More and more newbies are using colourful templates, and some templates are not grouped... It is a problem too! Those templates have been downloaded a thousand times or so... This means thousands of ungrouped, yet colourful messy worksheets in the future...

9 Mar 2010     

United States

I hope I īm not stating the obvious, but to avoid changing everything into B&W, you can just change your printer settings (my apple refers to them as PRESETS) from STANDARD to Black & White. Hope this helps:-)

9 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

mrlisa,  I don īt know which version of MS Word you use, BUT I am pretty sure THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO MAKE an OUTLINED BW WORKSHEET than GROUPING...  Remember, many members use Word 95-2002, a few use Word 2007...

I am convinced the only method, how to save ink and print lines + text ONLY, IS THE GROUPING!

If you print with presets BW, the worksheets is MOSTLY GRAY!!! Itīs like using black printer only... All bright colours change into plain and messy gray... Dark colours make the wss even HARDLY READABLE!
That īs NOT printer friendly AND it īs very UGLY!!!
I STRONGLY believe, the best way is to print outlined textboxes with NO fill-in color, no background and LET THE KIDS color their worksheets themselves!
It saves ink, money and makes kids happy!

PS: I believe, most  teachers here can print the colour version few times, they laminate them, but the most worksheets they make printer friendly... That means, they REMOVE all background - fill-in colours one by one...
Grouping solves two problems:  prevents messy worksheets and enables changing worksheet into outlined (printer friendly, no gray colour printed...)

PS2: Please imagine, some worksheets consist of 30-50 mini textboxes... It would take many minutes to make all textboxes white... :-( Not to mention the terrible mess it can be when the textboxes move while opened in other version of MS Word!

9 Mar 2010     

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