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I īve noticed a lot of online exercises and people talking about their students doing exercises on the sister site Englishexercises.org

Without sounding stupid, could someone tell me how it works? Do students go and do any exercise or do I have to direct them to particular exercises? How do students access the page and get passwords etc? It looks like a really useful tool for the students who are motivated enough to do extra work in their free time so I īd love to know more about it so I can start directing them there!

Thanks in advance for your help!


15 Mar 2010      


This will help

15 Mar 2010     


Each time you do an oe it appears on that site. If you want your students to do those exercises you have to create usernames and passwords for each one of them and then select from that site the type of exercises you want them to do.
A good thing is that you can choose a specific exercise to a certain student according to his difficulties or add some more to other students if they are motivated.  
Once the student accesses to the site the only thing he will see is the exercise you selected for him.
My students are really excited about the online exercises so I have been producing more.
best wishes
from sunny Portugal

15 Mar 2010     


Thanks for all the help!  I think I can give it a shot!

15 Mar 2010