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Debate topic: need ideas


Debate topic: need ideas
Hi everyone
I need suggestions to disprove the following debate topic.
The internet is making face to face communciation obsolete
The two debate teams chose a topic that is easy for the affirmative and challenging for the negative so I need to give the negative team a helping hand. 
We need lots of ideas why the internet is not making face to face communciation obsolete (then they will narrow them down to the ones they will present)
If you have any suggestions can you please add them to this post or PM me and I will pass them on.  If you know of any sites that support these points I will also pass those on as they need to back their opinions with evidence.
Thanks in advance

24 Mar 2010      

Hong Kong

My thinking would be that social networking sites are making a means to easlily and rapidly organise people to meet.

Think about ....
1. Couples who started out by chatting on line, and eventually met and became partners.
2. Business partners having video conferences but needing to meet to sign contracts.
3. Social networking sites sending invitations to a dinner.
4. They said the phone would make face-to-face contact obsolete, but it has furthered networking!
In other words argue the internet is a ´tool ´ like any other (phone) that helps people multitask their social lives.
any other ideas ...

24 Mar 2010     

Greek Professor

Good morning from sunny Athens...

Well i would have to agree with darryl cameron... so here are a couple more ideas....
Cyberspace is now a popular place for teens to meet, talk, learn, shop, and play. The benefits of the Internet extend over to the world of the hearing impaired. For deaf teens, the Internet provides a wonderful way to interact with their hearing and hearing-impaired peers, as well as their parents.
most deaf and hearing-impaired teens communicate using American sign Language, with written English as a second language, they are still keen to use various types of Internet communication.

“Generally, if the teen is socially higher functioning, meaning if they can follow the chat, respond to statements that were posted a few lines up, and have good typing skills, they prefer the chat rooms for that instant communication. If their reading or typing is more challenged, they prefer forums.

I hope this helps in some way...

24 Mar 2010     


Good morning,

Some more ideas. Hope it helps.

·         Interactions between deaf users of computer-mediatedvideo communication and the impactof technology on language practices.


·         An investigation of whether the Internet helps or hinders disabled people.



Have a nice day!

24 Mar 2010     


Hi, this is not exactly what you ´re looking for... but it might be interesting http://www.idebate.org/debatabase/topic_details.php?topicID=644

Have a nice day

24 Mar 2010     


I have three daughters, so I say this because I am really convinced about it:

- Because of Facebook, Tuenti and other social networks, teens meet literally hundreds of other teens. When they go out, they know so many people that they feel much more comfortable than we used to, since there is always somebody they like. Therefore, they go out more and meet more people face to face.

-This is really good for shy teenagers, who find less difficult to break the ice in writing. Then, they go out more and meet friends.

-Writing is a very good way to express feelings, it is much easier, less embarrassing, which helps people find someone similar to him/her. Then they go out more and meet friends.

"Quod erat demonstrandum" :)

(as you can imagine, my problem is that my daughters go out too much , and they are passionate about the internet)

24 Mar 2010     



i met my boyfriend thanks to a website ("meetic") and even though we started chatting online, we needed to meet face-to-face to really get to know each other!

i ´ve got another example: when teens/young kids chat online, they have to be very careful, because the person they are chatting to could be anyone (a pervert, a pedophile...), so it ´s important to explain to kids that online communication can be based on a lie (age, sex...), while in a face-to-face communication it ´s harder to lie about simple things!

and i would also say that thanks to the internet you can chat face-to-face with someone while being in different parts of the world: when i lived in the US, i used to chat on sundays with my family via skype or msn messenger. they could see me, i could see them, we could talk about anything like we were on the phone but with the great opportunity of seeing each other. for my grand-parents it was truly incredible, they were so happy! i could see the tears on their cheeks, the smiles on their faces, as if we were face-to-face...

great idea of debate by the way!!!

take care,

24 Mar 2010     


Hi everyone
Thank you SO much for your fantastic ideas.  My students will be ever so pleased.

24 Mar 2010