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help with first days of school

Puerto Rico

help with first days of school
Hello everyone, can you help me with this?  here is my problem... i have not started yet to work becuase here in my country the teacher hiring process with the goverment is a mess , but the students start tomorrow. the thing is that my ex-boss (the director of the school where i worked last year) is missing 7 teachers that haven ´t be appointed by the department of education to start. one of the positions is the one that i had last year and i am seeking to have this year. so the thing is that she asked me to help her in receiving the students while i wait to get a job. i said yes, but the problem is, and here is where i need your help, i dont know what to do with them during this week, what to give them while her new teacher (hopefully me) starts.  i can ´t start teaching  since i dont know if i will be teaching the rest of the course, but still i have to do something with the groups.  they are groups of 10-11 and 11-12 years old (five and sixth grades).  so any ideas? what can i do with them in the meantime?

3 Aug 2010      

United Kingdom

Hi Liz,
Lots and lots of games. Role play, word games, hangman, sing songs with the younger ones. make them love you so that the kids themselves go and beg for you to have the job.
It may not help but it can ´t hurt.
Good luck!
Got my fingers crossed.....

3 Aug 2010     


Hi Liz,
Check the Busyteacher (http://busyteacher.org/classroom_activities-vocabulary/holidays_and_celebrations/backtoschool-worksheets/) - it ´s a whole section for back to school activities (lots and lots). They are absolutely free, but you would have to register.

3 Aug 2010     


Liz, if I were you, I would teach them just like as if I were their future teacher, providing you know what the curriculum is. That way nobody loses time and nobody gets hurt ;o)

3 Aug 2010     


Hi Liz!


1.    To look for the plants

2.       to look for the animals

3.       to look for the birds

4.       to look for the insects

5.       to look for the stars

6.       to look for the architecture styles

7.       Show them your magic tricks

8.    Take them to the zoo

9.       Teach them to create a ppt

10.        Etc.

3 Aug 2010     


I would agree with Blunderbuster.  Teach as if it were your class if you have the curriculum.

3 Aug 2010     


Wise suggestion BB - not only does it make you look good but if you get the job it makes your job easier. 
But, if in doubt perhaps check with the principal as to what they prefer you do.

3 Aug 2010     

United States

What a nerve these people have!  You are too nice to them!
If they are happy with your teaching - they should hire you first and THEN
ask you to receive the students!
Make sure in any case - that you get paid.

3 Aug 2010     


I agree with Blunderbuster too ... What ´s tought is tought ;)
And kids will get a great benefit from learning a while "or more" (I hope more) from you Thumbs Up
Best thought to you, Babs

3 Aug 2010     

Puerto Rico

liberty, in my country the teachers are hired by the department of education (goverment) and the school principal doesn ´t get to interview, hire, or do anything in terms of who gets to work at their schools. the process is stupid and they are always behind schedule, as  i said, the students start tomorrow and the school where i worked is missing 7 teachers. some teachers don ´t even get a job until september. so this is a favor she asked me , and i won ´t get paid. i am doing it because i like her and i love those students besides i am sooooooo tired of being at home that i dont mind (is just a few hours, i am getting fat here just watching tv, eating and melting with my cpu lol!). by the way thanks to everyone i am already makingg some games and ws for tomorrow with your ideas. any other ideas are welcome too. i will be covering for at least 3 or 4 days. 

3 Aug 2010     


Hi Liz. I agree with blunderbuster and Babs. If you are goring to be their teacher you have to focus on the goal: neither too many nor a few games and fun activities. Besides, try to find out  how they teach at that school. If you are too inovative and creative two things may happen: the principal may think that your way of teaching is cool or he may think that you are not the teacher they need. Try to keep on the safe side.
Have they had English before? print some vocabulary worksheets and crosswords, ask them to write some short sentences about themselves, teach them greetings and farewells, ask them to cut out and glue on their notebooks English words you use in your language, make them to cut out pictures and make a picture dictionary, play some games.
Here is an easy song for the first classes:
I love this song:
here you have more ideas:

3 Aug 2010     

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