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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Another member uploading ESLp. wss on Scribd - look if yours are among them!    

Another member uploading ESLp. wss on Scribd - look if yours are among them!


Another member uploading ESLp. wss on Scribd - look if yours are among them!

Sorry to resend Silke ´s thread to the forum (I know some may have their questions to ask and it wasn ´t my intention to take too much space in here) but as it went "backstage" and it ´s really important, I think everyone should have the opportunity to read, check and report dozens of stolen wss someone upload to Scribd.

The origina thread: http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=23111

9 Oct 2010      


Thnx for providing the link again and for the warning as well.
I seems to me that it ´s a member of esl printables who does it OR another member who is sending him/her these worksheets. Or somebody who is hacking accounts maybe? It happens all the time you know and it ´s kinda sad but that ´s how it goes on the net when it comes to sharing.
The only thing you can do is reporting the wss and that ´s about it I think and like you ´ve already said before in another similar post Zailda, at the end you ´ll lose the battle.
Reporting the wss gives you a feeling that you ´ve done something about it.
Maybe there ´s no point in my message but I just wrote it down to share my anger about this issue.

10 Oct 2010     


Last year burglars broke into a house in your city. But why should you help if you don’t even know the house’s owner? Take it easy, it’s not your problem, go ahead with your life and routines, it won’t affect you at all.

Last month burglars broke into a house in your neighborhood. But why should you bother? You rarely see him, it’s his problem and you have yours to take care of.

Last week your neighbors’ house was broken into. It’s too close for comfort. It’s better to tell him something that gives some comfort and go on with your life. Others will help, not you – of course.

Today your house’s broken into. Who will give you any support? The ones you ignored when had the same problem? The ones who’ll have the same problem in the future but share your opinion and think it’s not a matter they should take into account?

When do you consider a situation as your problem?

- When it happens to someone you don’t know?

- When it happens to someone you know but isn’t your friend?

- When it happens to you?

When have we got to start fighting the burglars: when they start breaking into other people’s houses or when they take all of our belongings?


10 Oct 2010     


I found this on the cribd site, maybe the real owners of the wss should get in touch with this site to protect their work. It really isnt fair that they be stolen.


Copyright Management System

Scribd thrives on the diverse contributions of its community, who share everything from short stories and recipes to original music compositions.

We make it very clear, however, that we do not want unauthorized works on our site. To help prevent the upload of unauthorized works onto Scribd, we have created the Scribd Copyright Management System (CMS), a technology and set of best practices. Scribd CMS is the best—if not the only—integrated system of technology and policies of its kind and goes beyond the requirements set forth by U.S., UK and EU law.

Here’s how it works:

  • All uploads checked: Every document uploaded to Scribd is compared to the CMS database. If someone tries to upload a document that our system identifies as one of the tens of thousands of works in our CMS database (with more added daily), that document is automatically removed from Scribd.
  • How we populate the database:
    • Automated past protection: Each time Scribd receives a DMCA-compliant takedown request from a copyright holder, we quickly remove the unauthorized document and add a unique reference file corresponding to that document to our copyright database, deleting previously-uploaded copies of the same work identified by the system.
    • Automated future protection: We also urge authors and publishers to proactively add the text of their work to the Scribd CMS. Click here to upload your original works to the copyright management system.
    • Swift action for policy offenders: On every document upload page, there is a prominent warning message and mandatory check box displayed to help ensure that people understand and comply with Scribd’s Terms of Service. Repeat copyright infringers are banned from Scribd.
    • Alliance of websites: Our goal is to help extend the same protections copyright holders have on Scribd across a number of different sites. With that in mind, Scribd is prepared to share its copyright-management technology with other document-sharing websites that are interested in preventing uploads of unauthorized material.

More to come, stay tuned!

While the technology is not yet perfect, we are constantly working to improve it. As our reference database grows larger over time, our system is becoming noticeably smarter and faster. We will continue to build features and best practices that give copyright holders more choice and control over how their works appear, if at all, on Scribd.

10 Oct 2010