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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > What kind of downloader are you?    

What kind of downloader are you?


What kind of downloader are you?

How many WS and ppts do you normally download a day?

It`s a tricky question with a considerable ...aftermath

10 Oct 2010      


two or three

10 Oct 2010     


5-10 a month

10 Oct 2010     


two or three in the recent contributions (sometimes more if I find something that really interests me) - but I don t look at the recent contributions every day...

+ maybe 5-10 a month in the old contributions - because i m looking for a specific ws or because I found a ws in the recent contributions I like and i have a look at the author s ws to see if something else could be of interest!

have a nice day!

10 Oct 2010     


Everything I need, like or think will use. I don t pay much attention to the recent page because some wss look into my eyes and ask me to check them. If I do, I ll also give some the reason to call me a witch and I don t like to be unmasked.
If I find something interesting among a member s contribution I search his/her other wss and download as many as I like.
BTW, messages advertizing your work (especially if you know the kind of wss I use -  because I ALWAYS leave a thank you message) will be deeply appreciated. Messages begging for downloads have a shortcut to the trash folder, sorry.
In numbers I d say I download between 30 / infinite wss a week.
I really appreciate and use the work you all share here and will be always grateful for it.

10 Oct 2010     

South Africa

Considering I m still a fairly new member (been here about a month) and it s all still quite novel to me, I download 10-30 new materials per day, and an average of 5 others per day. ^_^

10 Oct 2010     


Lots and lots everyday! I download from my favourite users.

10 Oct 2010     

Lina Ladybird

In the past few weeks I have downloaded approximately 20 wss, mostly old ones. I don t look at the new contributions anymore, because I already have sooo many useful materials...

Every now and then I check my favourite users new uploads and download a couple of them if I like them.

10 Oct 2010     

United States

I look at all of the new slides every morning.  I was downloading 30 a day.  Now I am downloading only a few.  I have found all of the slides to be of great value.  A lot of them have a good format to them but I spend a little bit of my time fixing them.  Sometimes, I do not check them prior to presenting them to my students.  It becomes embarrassing at times but I fix them on the spot.  The content outweights the booboos because I find that every worksheet or power point that I have downloaded was worth downloading.  I really appreciate the fine work that everyone is doing and I hope that you all keep it up.

10 Oct 2010     


3-4 per week, not much attracts my attention these days. 

10 Oct 2010     


Hi! I try to download at least my 30 contributions, but unfortunately that doesn t happen as often as I wish because you need at least an hour to go through the day s contributions and choose the ones to download and I often don t have the time.

Today, for example, I ve already downloaded about 40 worksheets. Nice, isn t it? I mean, let s think of the contributor s perspective:  he/she sees his/her work recognized, gets a point to download older worksheets, sometimes gets a thank you note - all this motivates him/her to keep working and creating new worksheets. The more he/she does, the better his/her work will become; the better his/her work becomes, the more will his/her students learn; the better his/her worksheets are, the more will we download and the more will our own students learn. A never ending but rewarding cycle...
Have a nice Sunday,
mena  Smile

10 Oct 2010     

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