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Talk to Owners of Website

United States

Talk to Owners of Website
How do you contact the owners of this website?
Do they have a email address or something?
I went to F.A.Q. and that didn īt help.
Is there a way to add questions on the F.A.Q. page?
Please help!
Thank you, I guess.
N. Mason
P.S. I need to talk to the owners for my own buiness, so don īt ask why or stuff like that, because I won īt ask you about something I don īt need to know, but if you do I will just inorge it, because its all about respect.

11 Nov 2010      

Olindalima ( F )


Be my guest, I won īt and, for sure anyone will ask you anything about anything. Don īt worry.
Have a look at the front page, may be you find what you need and, may be, who knows, next time, you try a little bit harder and manage to be a little more polite.

Please, next time, don īt ask me how you have to do things I don īt need to explain you.
Thumbs Down
Have a good night

11 Nov 2010     


Talking about being polite here...

11 Nov 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Errie

... or absent mind

Broken Heart

11 Nov 2010     

Korea, South

having a taste of one īs medicine is a good experience.

11 Nov 2010     

Czech Republic

The owner of this site is Victor Gayol

contact   website

see more worksheets by victor

Dear N. Mason,

I hope I didn īt understand your PS well... I wish you didn īt write that...

11 Nov 2010     

Bruna Dutra

Why do you need to talk to the owner of the website?!


11 Nov 2010     


Speechless Confused

11 Nov 2010     


I think we  had tomcatdude on this site before. You can read it between the lines. We shouldn īt bother....

hugs to all of you Hug

11 Nov 2010     


One post seems to me enough ! but two .... isn īt it provocation ???

11 Nov 2010     


Good one Bruna.

11 Nov 2010     

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