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ESL forum > Ask for help > Would you like to find adjective-noun COLLOCATIONS and adverb-adjective COLLOCATIONS with me?    

Would you like to find adjective-noun COLLOCATIONS and adverb-adjective COLLOCATIONS with me?


adjective + noun
strong cheese
severe winter
heavy drinker
strong influence
fair decision
sore throat
rich dessert
practical joke
tough steak
short cut
spitting image

adverb + adjective
deeply hurt
brutally murdered
perfectly natural
vitally important
highly recommended
widely available
heavily criticised
closely associated
enthusiastically received
utterly stupid

Some more here

21 Nov 2010     


Great link, Serene...Eternally grateful to you for sharing!

P.S.: This is fun!

21 Nov 2010     


Very useful, Serene!Thanks for sharing it!

21 Nov 2010     


Just came across another good one: near miss

And here are some more:
- smart appearance
- bright smile
- heavy eyebrows
- receding hairline
- nasty accident/ habit
- (of a person) a nasty piece of work
- a nasty business
- more collocations with nasty here
- bad apple
- bad blood
- bad debt
- bad faith
- bad form
- bad hair day

I īm really starting to like this and I have to concentrate on workTongue

21 Nov 2010     


I īm working on a worksheet on this - instead of working , if you know what I mean.
(I should be preparing tomorrow īs classes but prefer this... especially since I īve come across serene īs wonderful link!)

21 Nov 2010     


uncomfortable silence
eery silence
uneasy silence
comfortably numb (yeah, Pink floyd)
deeply sorry

21 Nov 2010     


Since several of you asked to be notified:
The worksheet is in today īs contributions.
Thanks for joining me in the fun.

23 Nov 2010     

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