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New Curriculum Design


New Curriculum Design
Hi dear teachers,
                            Last Tuesday our headmistress gave us the NEW CURRICULUM DESIGN we have to follow this year. 
Last year I asked my students to buy a new book "Total English" and it was a bit expensive.I donīt know what to do now because THE NEW CURRICULUM DESIGN suggests to work with A LOT OF TOPICS AND THEMES that are not present in this book.
I have searched on esl printables for some of those topics but I couldnīt find many of them.

The topics are:

*Contents to work with 1st year (students aged 12- 13)
-The enviroment: the neighbourhood, the town, city and country
-The world of work: jobs and professions; material resources and tools.
- Means of communication and tecnologies: e-mails, text messeges, advertisements, postcards, , fax.
*Contents to work with 2nd year (aged 13-14)
-The enviroment: ecology; ecological problems; natural disasters
- Free time activities: places to share and socialize with others; the stadium;shopping center; fast food; etc.
-The world of work: child labour; children rights.
*Contents to work with 3rd year ( aged 14-15)
-Tatoos, piercings, graffities; the art in the streets.
- Citizenship.
-Means of communication and tecnologies: the web, tv, mobile phones, etc. 

What can I do?
Thanks a lot in advance.

19 Feb 2011      

Czech Republic

Please do not panic!
All these topics are here, there are many worksheets on these topics - there are readings, exercises - matching, vocabulary lists etc...
Jobs, there are several pictionaries on tools as well + kitchen utensils...

communication worksheets

graffiti worksheets

and so on...
you can find even tatoo, e-mail expressions, media etc...

All these topics are covered in Headway and Inside out, so you may go to the library and copy some readings from these books or take them as an inspiration and write your own worksheets as well...

19 Feb 2011     


THANKS dear moravc.

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19 Feb 2011