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United States

I am a new teacher.

I would gladly pay to use this website... but let īs be honest, the reason I am here is because I don īt really have an arsenal of my own.  Any worksheet I make already has one on this website that is 10 times better because of fancy graphics and nice layout.

Is there no way around this?  I need materials, not this frustration trying to get these points.

28 Apr 2011      

Czech Republic

Welcome to eslprintables!!! Wink

Tutorials    Templates   Please have a look there. Free stuff.
Check these too :
Rules and instructions    F.A.Q. 

Please read the bookmarks as well - a lot of free worksheet websites


English for Everyone

alenkas printables

and check the blogs of our members as well
http://en.islcollective.com/ - worksheets from various contributors

If you get 30 points for your original worksheets, you will be able to download 10,000 free worksheets a year.

28 Apr 2011     

Anna P

I understand how you feel because when I joined the site I also needed materials and did not know how to make nice worksheets.  But soon I learned and before I knew it I already had the 30 points I needed to download 30 ws per day.
Follow Moravc īs tips, use the tutorials and join this wonderful community!

28 Apr 2011     


Welcome to ESLP....! and as Anna says, please be patient. Upload your work, don īt worry if there are nicer worksheets or not, maybe someone will like YOURS and download it!!! In a very short time, you will have 30 points, that īs all you need in order to get free access to 30 of the NEW CONTRIBUTIONS... so you can download 30 ws EVERYDAY!!!
Have a great day!
(please check your PM)

28 Apr 2011     

United States

Welcome. Yes one can get stuff w/o contributing by asking members to give you ws or ppts. Some will comply others may not. Having said that, contributions is what keeps the site going. If no one contributes then there wouldn īt be anything to download. It really doesn īt take that long to get 30 points. With a few decent ws that you contribute (see the links to templates and tutorials) you īll have your points. Give it a try and don īt give up.There are many good people here that will help you along. Ed

28 Apr 2011     


Welcome to eslp :)

When I firs joined this site I thought that I wouldn īt download anything but in a short time I have had enough points to download everything I need.
As moravc mentioned we have great templates and tutorials from our generous members and they will help you. If you need more help please send a pm :)


28 Apr 2011     


if you īre going to survive as a teacher, you īre going to need to improvise and get creative...you can īt depend on the charity of others nor easy your way out of doing things....
...so look what īs out there....and get inspired!

28 Apr 2011     


Babz is right.  Just get a template and go from there.  You will see that you will have 30 points in no time at all.  Don īt spend your time worrying about creativity, instead spend your time trying to create a worksheet with the templates that are already available. Good luck, you will see it isn īt too hard.  Most of us had trouble with our first worksheets and have greatly impoved since then.

28 Apr 2011     


The best thing about this site is the inspiration you get and the motivation to learn to do amazing things yourself. Don īt give up. In the meantime, you īve got mail ;o)

28 Apr 2011     

United States

It īs not the wrapping - it īs the content.
You might have something- a new perspective that others don īt have.
Don īt give up - make some good worksheets with a lot of information or/and
activities.  You can do it!

Don īt forget we have many members who don īt even have a copying machine.
They might just use a simple but good ws like yours on a projector.

I look for a ws that will keep my students busy a whole hour -at least!

28 Apr 2011     


It īs worth trying, trust me... don īt think of it as frustration - think of it as a challenge! ind your īinner child ī - kids love challenges! We īve all been there, but it proves to be such a rewarding experience in the end...

28 Apr 2011     

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