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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > mistakes in my worksheet on Sloths in todays contributions    

mistakes in my worksheet on Sloths in todays contributions


mistakes in my worksheet on Sloths in todays contributions
I really need to stop working in the middle of the night.....
I am sorry to inform you (again) that there were a few mistakes in my contribution about sloths. On the second page one question is repeated and worse, one of the wquestions reads: Why is does the fur of a sloth look green? The word is shouldn t be there of course.
I uploaded a corrected version which should still be for free the rest of the day since it is in the recents and I notified those who left me a message...To all those who downloaded but didn t leave a message...you can either correct it yourself or download the corrected version..
Sorry for the inconvenience,

5 Nov 2013      


I can t help answering...
Marion has more than 11000 points, I don t think she is in need of more points. 
What about you, akvillina? Are you sure of what you say? It s very cheeky of you to say those words. 
And as for uploading work immediately after one has done it, who are you to give advice? Anyone can do what they want. 

And.... please, check your work before uploading it, some of your worksheets go against the rules for having watermarked or copyrighted  clipart.

It is as simple as I have said..

5 Nov 2013     


@akvillina  Thumbs Down

5 Nov 2013     


I understand what you are saying, but as others have pointed out, I have way more points than I could ever need. (I used less than 200 points of the over 11000 available) This message honestly wasn t about the points, but rather about warning people who downloaded without leaving a comment. I on purpose didn t provide a link . I figured that those who did download would remember and I didn t seek to make people look up the contribution by providing a link.
Since only 2 people left comments (and those I contacted and offered to mail the sheet), I had no  way of informing people that there were mistakes, other than using the forum. Ideally, none of us would ever make mistakes, ideally, none of us would work untill deep in the night when fatigue starts to take its toll, ideally, everyone who downloads a sheet would leave a little thank you note so I would have been able to contact them privately and send them a corrected file off the record .
For the record, the world is not ideal, I don t know about others, but I do make mistakes once in a while and I do work until too late too often. I made the sheet over the weekend and only today, after using it in class, did I notice the mistakes. shoot me...
For me, this site is not about points, but rather about sharing and helping, without it I wouldn t be half the teacher I am today. I was just trying to make sure other teachers wouldn t take a problematic sheet into the classroom...
Thank you  olaola and coyote.chus for sticking up for me, I appreciate it!

5 Nov 2013     

Olindalima ( F )

I feel very, very upset

akvillina   how can you be so rude?  Do you know what this site is about? Have you ever met Marion? Do you know her, do you know about her work here? How can you be so rude? And why? What for? 

Why are people so mean?  

Marion, big hugs, and tons of kisses to you. 

I don t write much here, not anymore, because there are , almost always, some little itsy bitty things arounds. I started feeling  tired ; we lost our common friendly being here around. 

Hug    My hug , for you and also, here, myThumbs Up  thumbs up. Sleep well. dear friend.


5 Nov 2013     

manonski (f)

Akvilina, before pointing a finger, check your own work. You can t even start a sentence with a capital letter and yet you give yourself the right to judge?

Nobody is perfect. Deal with it and appreciate that some people are still sharing their work even if they don t need the points anymore.

5 Nov 2013     

Peter Hardy

People who don t make mistakes, seldom make anything at all!!! And for Marion, keep up the good work, love. I could say you should go to bed earlier, but hey, I m a night owl myself. Besides that, life is not about points but about sharing, indeed. So a big thank you to all that share for the joy of sharing. They know that real kindness acts without thinking of kindness!!! And for those that need points, my advice would be to start creating great work that people want to download. Simple as that, indeed. Cheers, Peter

5 Nov 2013     

United States

I totally agree with Peter! Keep on sharing Marion, I appreciate your work Ron

5 Nov 2013     


Linda, Manonski, Peter and Ron, thank you so much!
@ Linda, indeed, the forum isn t what it used to be, it s lost some of its good cheer.
But look at this thread now, people sticking up for me even though we physically never met and they could just as well have ignored the fact that someone was being unkind. For me at least is shows again that the spirit of eslp is still there, just a bit more in the background, (a bit like you dear LindaWink  - nice to see you again)

6 Nov 2013     


I totally agree with what has been said before and I can t help but support Marion whose work is really great , all the more so since I of all people sometimes make mistakes as well, but I learn everyday . About this time last year I didn t even know how to put a picture in a document , and I have leant ever since. So Marion don t worry and keep yp the good work!!!:))

6 Nov 2013     


Yes, Marion, I wanted to support you too and say "keep going" ! Try not to worry about mean, rude and uninteresting people. There are unfortunately too many around, and also on this site. This is what I call "the new Wave" often uneducated people.
I love your work, and so do many other !!!
And to the others I would say, leave a comment for the work you take !!!

6 Nov 2013     

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