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Hello everybody!
I am writing this message to kindly ask all teachers who use already published material to create their worksheets to be very careful when they mention where they found the source because otherwise their worksheets can be easily reported as illegal. I am saying this because not long ago (on March 23rd), one of the contributors in this site called Naema, from Tunisia, uploaded a worksheet which had the title "Healthy Food" and was downloaded by 135 people. She uses a text and copyrighted images that come from a Greek state book called "Magic Book" used in the 3rd grade of Greek elementary schools. It was the piloting version of the book in the writing of which I also helped. In her comments she says that the text comes from the book "Think Teen" which is the Greek state English series used in the secondary education.
I understand that she may have got it wrong and that while she was trying to find a link for her idea to help her with her worksheet she didn īt pay attention to details. Nevertheless she didn īt bother to reply to the private messages I sent her in order to help her understand her mistake. Maybe I should have reported her worksheet but I gave her the benefit of the doubt as it is normal for all of us to make mistakes.  
We all may have used already published material for our worksheets but I hope you would all agree that it īs essential for the writers and creators of this material to have some kind of acknowledgement through the proper reference.
Have a nice weekend! 

27 Mar 2015      

United States

Do report that! And thank you for clarification!

27 Mar 2015     


I do not see how hard would it be for her to change the source, maybe you should consider the fact she might have actually got the text from īThink Teen ī. It is not plagiarism or anything as long as she has mentioned the source. For the messages maybe she hasn īt checked her inbox yet, wait and see.

27 Mar 2015     


I īm not going to report it as I do believe it was a mistake. And I īm sure it īs not from "Think Teen"...

27 Mar 2015     


Dear, Elina,
With all due respect for the point that you īre raising for discussion in your message, I don īt really think she īs  meant to ascribe something for  herself as her work...., As long as she mentioned the source, this is clear that she doesn īt at all have the intention to plagiarize the work..Most probably she got the source by mistake and confused it with another, or else she should  have never mentioned anything related to the source : neither  "Think Teen"  or any other one...Thanks...

27 Mar 2015     


Is the texbook you mention ESL?
If yes, then here īs what it says in the rules of this website:
  • Please, don īt use pictures taken from other ESL websites or books, even if you add your own exercises.

  • You can use texts from other websites or books in your worksheets if you add your own exercises or activities (For example, reading comprehension questions, etc). Please don īt take texts from other ESL websites or books, it would be unfair.

So with or without mentioning the source, if it is ESL/EFL it CANNOT be used in a worksheet.
As to using images in general, here are the guidelines again:
You can use free images from cliparts or other free sources. You can also use images that you have subscribed to and paid for. 
NB: Mind that not all free cliparts can be used in your worksheets as a lot of owners of such cliparts do not allow redistribution, so check the terms of use before you use free stuff which is not in public domain. 

27 Mar 2015     


I īm surprised that someone mentioned that you can use texts from esl books after mentioning the source,because you are not allowed! Someone here hasn īt read the rules!!

27 Mar 2015     

Czech Republic

We are not allowed to use ESL books or websites even though we acknowledge the source. So if someone says we can, he/she is mistaken and should read the rules one more time.

27 Mar 2015     

United Kingdom

Elina, if you know for a fact that the text and images are from an ESL text book and furthermore, one that you helped to write, you really should report it. 

Edit: Naemaīs other wss look very similar in style to the healthy eating one. Either she is using that text book for them all, which is not allowed, or you are mistaken. 

27 Mar 2015     



I īm sorry dear colleagues. I have never meant to plagiarize the work at all or else I would have never mentioned the book. 

I īm sorry Elina as I haven īt seen your messages before. I would admit that I was mistaken about the use of text book materials though I know that such a mistake may not be pardonable.

Hope that you īll understand my point.
Sorry again.

27 Mar 2015     

Czech Republic

it īs nice you have admitted your mistake and I īll give you just a little advise: If you have some other wss with  text from ESL resources, remove them yourself, edit them and upload again. Because in case they would be reported and removed by moderators, your account here could be closed by the admin.

28 Mar 2015     

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