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I need your advice


I need your advice
I just graduated and I m starting a new project teaching adults. It s a small group of learners with no knowledge of the language. Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you manage it? Should I follow the same steps as if I were working with kids (at their first level)?
Thanks in advance!!

23 Feb 2009      


Hi Pame D

Start with Headfirst, which is a coursebook especially made for adults who don t have any knowledge of English. It starts with the basics and introduces the language step by step.

love KArin  

23 Feb 2009     


You follow the same steps but you use others topics. 


23 Feb 2009     


hi Pame,
I m an english teacher for adults, here in spain we need a degree in special education for adults to teach them.
Anyway  i find easier to teach adults than children, because they are motivated, they know what they want and pay more attention. The inconvenience for me is that they have less time to study and practice. That s why I spend a lot of time in my lessons with roleplayings, games and interactive speaking, and I try to teach the grammar easily because some of them find it difficult. I think it s better and funniest for them to focus on the speaking.

23 Feb 2009     


Hello Pame_D!
I ve also asked the same as you are asking now a few time ago here in the forum. Check the suggestions some members gave to me, I think they are pretty useful!Smile
I wish you good luck!
Hugs from Portugal,

23 Feb 2009