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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Mistakes in worksheets-- do people want to know or not???    

Mistakes in worksheets-- do people want to know or not???

United Kingdom

Mistakes in worksheets-- do people want to know or not???
Morning everyone! 
I ve been thinking about this for a while.  I absolutely love this site and the worksheets here are fantastic however I have noticed that a lot of times when I use a worksheet in class I find little mistakes -- not just spelling mistakes but small gramatical things -- articles wrongly used or missing etc.  I do look over the sheets before I use them but sometimes I miss things until I really look at the sheet in detail with my class.
I m not sure if I should point these out to the people who made the worksheet.  I certainly wouldn t want to offend anyone.  I m a native English speaker and obviously that is a huge advantage and also means I spot the little things. 
But I do know all about mistakes.  I have lived in Spain for almost 5 years and although I m quite proud of my Spanish I still make a lot of mistakes.  I m quite happy to let people correct me but I don t know what you think? 

24 Apr 2009      



Some time ago we agrreed that it is good to send a PM letting people know about mistakes in their wss and give them a chance to correct them. You can also check this link:


Best wishes Big smile

24 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

Thanks for your answer silvanija.  I m sorry I should have searched myself for ideas on this topic in the forum.  Embarrassed

24 Apr 2009     


I wouldn t mind if ever somebody corrects my mistakes. I would all the more be thankful. And besides accepting mistakes means learning. right!

24 Apr 2009     


I couldn t agree more. I realize that I made and make some mistakes when writing and I m always doing my best to improve my English. If someone corrects my mistakes, I ll not consider it offensive or wrong, but constructive. I always say to my students "you have to learn from your own mistakes" so I have to do the same thing.
I m Spanish native speaker living in Italy and as you said before it s important to be corrected when making mistakes. It s just a matter of progress and improvement!!!   

24 Apr 2009     


I also like if people correct my mistakes and I think it should be done in a private message.  Sometimes people say : " You should really check your grammar and spelling". This doesn t seem the correct way to me. So, please correct, but be nice.

24 Apr 2009     


I agree with lefevre. Mistakes should be corrected via personal messages. Nobody is perfect..Wink

24 Apr 2009     


I usually offer to help anyone who asks me to check spelling or grammar.Smile

We re all here to help each other.Smile
Have a great weekend, everyone!!Thumbs Up

24 Apr 2009     


I send PMs occassionally making suggestions on how a ws could bring in more points or spelling / grammar mistakes.  Most of the time people are grateful and tell me so via my PM.
If I see a problem and I have the time - why not help someone.

24 Apr 2009     

Hong Kong

Right on Sazzag.  I have seen great ideas on here but often there are numerous mistakes or bad grammar on the worksheets.  It gets tiresome having to go through and correct what should already be ready to go.  Most people know someone who is a native speaker close to them and it only takes a few minutes to look over a worksheet to spot-check for grammatical mistakes.  I often spot them in the preview window.  

24 Apr 2009