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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Give me back my points first!    

Give me back my points first!


Give me back my points first!
I strongly ask those who claimed that my worksheet is stolen and removed it to post it back and give me back my points.
Those who removed my worksheet are just abusing the rules of the website since there is no rule to say you can ´t use another member ´s item as a template.
So please if you are to decide on any new rule, give me back my points and post my ws back and also encourage me to produce better works in the future. Do that before you agree on any rule because my case happened before the existence of any related rule.
Plus change the moderators who are rude and like to play the role of dictators. This is a teaching website and not a jungle!!! If you like jungle rules then you knwo where you should go!  I can ´t accept anybody from any part of the world to treat me badly. Hopefully, you are behind the screen!

3 May 2009      

Anna P

I am glad you realise that this is a teachers ´ site and not a jungle.
Please behave accordingly!

3 May 2009     


Anna P ?? Behave accordingly??
Listen to who is talking! The Amazonian Jungle moderator!
Behave accordingly yourself before asking the others to do so.
If you support the jungle ´s rules then you belong to it. I read your comment while voting on my ws and I saw how perfect you and the other monkeys are in abiding by the jungle ´s rules. Be it Amazonian or not!

3 May 2009     


I dont remember who or when but once a teacher asked this on the forum about  using another member ´s item as a template and everybody agreed that as long as the teacher adds different tasks, it was allowed.
I dont know about this case , I havent seen this person´s worksheet ... i am totally opose to insulting and ofending people. But I must say what I think.
So some - not all-moderators or whatever they are called are certainly abusing of their powers or not seeing farther than their noses.
Miss Melissa. Hug

3 May 2009     


Amazonian jungle? You have a problem, and it ´s YOUR PROBLEM. You showed that you know nothing about Geography, Brazil, politeness and other "little" things we expect a teacher to understand. If you disagree with the rules, don ´t insult all the Brazilians here. Monkeys? Who are the monkeys? I thought this was a site for teachers, human beings. I am a moderator from Brazil, I don ´t live in a jungle (please try learning more about my country before commenting here) and I ´m not a monkey. I am a teacher and think that if you are unhappy, this is not an excuse for being impolite.

3 May 2009     

New Zealand

Hi there I just posted this on your other thread but maybe you wont go back and read replies from last night so I have posted my reply here for you....

words fail me..... they really do.....

What you fail to recognise is that there could have been hundreds of people who voted on your worksheet. I didn ´t as I didn ´t have time yesterday to look through everything, the sun was shining here so for once I was tempted away from my computer.

The people who leave comments are but a tiny percentage of those who vote.
Abut is a popular and well known member here. If I saw a worksheet that looked like his I would download it without a second thought THINKING it was his... I would be upset to find that it was someone else who had copied his layout to make it look the same.

There are long term members here who have a very distinct style... it didn ´t happen overnight they all found their personal style over time (if you look back at their earlier worksheets).

Everyone eventually finds their "personal style" and therefore if you are "inspired" by a certain style or layout it would be only polite and courteous to ask if it ok to use the template.

Think of it like this... you and your best friend have the same dress and you are going to the same party.... who gets to wear the dress? surely the friend who bought it first? Or you check with your friend to see if it ok that you can wear it to the same place...

If you turn up wearing the same dress that you know your friend is going to wear, it is only going to cause problems no? Your friend will be upset, people might confuse the two of you etc....

Please remember that we are teachers from all countries, cultures nationalities and it is unacceptable to be as insulting as you have been to some very dear and valued members of this site (*waves to Zailda*) In fact you have managed with your posts to insult quite a few different countries (*waves again to Ladybird and other friends from germany*)

Welcome to the site, Good luck with your future worksheets.

3 May 2009     


cheezels if you read all my posts above you wouldn ´t need to write what you wrote. I completely answered all the points that you stated. So just have some time and read my posts. I know that many of them have some words that you may regard as offensive and that ´s just because i ´m very upset with those who insulted me and treated me badly.. 

3 May 2009     

New Zealand

I did read all of your posts and I am disgusted with the way you have insulted valued members here. In fact I have just read what you wrote to Julieta VL and now I am even more disappointed in your attitude and your behaviour here on the forum.

What  is wrong with what I have written? I have stated the facts in a clear and non abusive way.

3 May 2009     


Yes I insulted the valued members here and I still do. Those valued members according to you (and not to me) are the ones who voted to remove my ws claiming it is stolen, which is totally wrong. And that ´s why i ´m still here defending my case. Besides, one of your valued members is the one who started all this by insulting me and mocking me. At that point, I didn ´t say anything bad at all, but when I saw that I ´m treated badly, losing my points and receiving insults for free, then I changed my attitude until they apologize to me and solve this problem of points which I lost.
So the names which you mentioned and which you regard as valued ones are just monkeys for me and not teachers. And here, calling them monkeys is just an attempt to give them the least that they deserve.
If you read all of my posts you could have come across some of my statements where I blamed Vickii for not informing me to acknowledge my source because I ´m new here and I don ´t know what we should/shouldn ´t do. If she did, then nothing would have happened. But she chose not to do and thus they remove my worksheet on weak grounds because using someone else ´s work as a template is allowed here and that ´s all what I did.
Just to make you save energy. I won ´t stop insulting those who harmed me until this problem is solved and those who insulted me at the beginning apologize to me... OK?

3 May 2009     


I don ´t wanna be part of this, but i am because i became a moderator.

this is what you wrote in your last post

"Yes I insulted the valued members here and I still do. Those valued members according to you (and not to me) are the ones who voted to remove my ws claiming it is stolen, which is totally wrong."

Ok... I don ´t know about your removed ws because i wasn ´t there when they voted.

But what about this ws...

Now Compare:



What about that?

Do you have something to say about?

One more thing... I ´ve been very polite, but that worksheet is not yours.

- I voted to be removed.


3 May 2009     

United States

To Abso... Haven ´t you cried long enough now?  Here´s a kleenex, wipe your nose and get over it.  Also, stop insulting people, it really makes you look like an idiot.

3 May 2009     

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