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New posts

United Kingdom

Thank you again, Aisha, for choosing my definition. Here is your new WOD. Let me remind you that we do not want the correct meaning. On top of this, we don�t even need etymological justification - try saying that three times quickly! - we need feasible, unfeasible, silly, serious, wacky etc daffynitions. Now on to your new WOD. It is:

16 Oct 2019

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A vocabulary question   
I would like to share with you a  wonderful speech. Please find  attached the direct  link to  the youtube movie  :
In the 13th minute of   the speech the speaker  says   .. starts  here.
What is the missing word  ? I am not able to  catch it. I believe  you will also benefit a lot from listening to Lizzie , an excellent eye-opener. 
Thanks in advance. 

16 Oct 2019


Youtube is telling me that the video is unavailable. Could you check the link, please?

16 Oct 2019

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United States

Caption Contest Week42 2019-- Last Call   
Hi All,
Last call for any captions for the caption contest:

16 Oct 2019

United Kingdom

The picture that shows us how we know that cats invented the catapult. 

16 Oct 2019

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WOD WINNER! 15/10/2019   
So, here again, to announce the winner. As I once said, this is not my cup of tea, but I guess I have to choose one...
Well, Lynne has not been too busy lately, but now, I give her a task to do, hehe, as you, Lynne, are the winner.
I love the idea of a "Christmas Bimbo" 
Well, before I move on, the meaning is Christmas, it is an informal way to say it. So, easy peasy!
Bye for now,
Aisha  ;)) 

15 Oct 2019

United Kingdom

Thank you very much Aisha dear, I am on it!  

15 Oct 2019

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sharing experiences   
Hello people! I am Gabriela Bouvet form Colón E. Rios in Argentina. My students (14-18) want to share some pieces of writing about our culture and country. We are looking for an exchanging activity like pen-pals or e-pals. Please!, feel free to contact me writing to my email address: [email protected] Thanks in advanced! Gabriela

15 Oct 2019

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Help needed   
Dear colleagues,
I need your help. Can you say:
basic surviving skills and use surviving instead of survival?
It seems OK to me but I need to be sure.
Thank you for your answers. 

15 Oct 2019

...There are 3 previous answers...


Saying surviving skills means by definition skills that are surviving. So survival is the correct one

15 Oct 2019

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Ways of Greetings   
Hi there!
Missing you all and hope you�re doing well! Sorry for not being around because of  many personal matters.
Just wanna share with you a video by my students about greetings around the world and I�d like you if possible to greet them in your mother tongue by saying  Hi or hello  to encourage them and to boost their self confidence to work on more projects �� ex Hola from Spain Salut from France ......���
Thanks a lot in advance
Tons of Love 

15 Oct 2019

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

Very nice work! The last one is called emoji.

16 Oct 2019

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hi guys , i �ve got a presentation about " how to help esl learners to understand texts ie written english and everything i come up with is 0oooo. especially the practical side. if you can help me out , i would be grateful .

14 Oct 2019

...There is 1 previous answer...


Hi, I have two reading skills worksheets (for students with a reasonable level of English) here:

15 Oct 2019

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Video chat with schools from around the world   
Good morning everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying your days at school . So I am Moroccan who moved to Turkey 3 years ago. I am currently working at a school where I am their Global Perspective English teacher (too long I know hehe). For our first challenge, we are talking about the right to learn with 2nd graders.
So for the project, I thought of having a video chat with schools from around the world where students will write questions they would like to ask others and have them talk with each other via Skype. For this I need to find teachers who are interested in the idea and can agree to have a video chat with us and talk about their schools. 
I would be very glad to hear some responses from you guys.  Please feel free to contact me here or via my personal email address: [email protected]
Have a nice week! 
Hanane Mimouni 

14 Oct 2019


Helo Hanane! how old are your students? I have a private English School. I have students of all ages. I don´t know if it is what you are looking for.
I look forward to hearing from you. Gaby 

15 Oct 2019

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Being a volunteer   
I need to teach the topic "Volunteering" and I would like suggestions how to do it. I have made some research.
Are there any lessons plan? Texts? Worksheets?
Thank you very much.
See you soon.

13 Oct 2019

...There are 4 previous answers...


Hi Elbi
You will find some useful resources here 
I use these discussion questions with my class, and we volunteer for two hours at a local community centre just to experience it.  Some students then continue on volunteering at that community centre or explore other volunteer opportunities.

15 Oct 2019

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