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ESL forum > > Reporting, or not reporting, Shakespeare was right. That s the question.    

Reporting, or not reporting, Shakespeare was right. That s the question.

Olindalima ( F )

Reporting, or not reporting, Shakespeare was right. That s the question.

Today I got four PMs  - 4 reported printables.
 A dear and dilligent member has caught me and, so sorry I am, she is deeply shocked, poor one. But,she also thinks she is a master in cleaning, because she was the first to catch me.

I am also a moderator, though I don t have neither the time nor the ability to find stolen printables.

Here a paragraph of what she has written abpout me:

It is kind of shocking to see that a member with so many points uploads stolen stuff and didnt get caught for the last two years....I think I am done with reporting for good!


What if you weren t so sure about everything?
I remember reading you defending that people shouldn t advertise her own sites/blogs, right?

So, what, in your honourable opinion, can I do to have my own sites, with my own work?

Let me explain you what the site you have given means, ok

e - stands for escola
b - stands for bsica
2,3 - stands for 2nd and 3rd ciclos
Carlos Teixeira is the name of our school. It is in a very cosy, small town, in the North of Portugal, called Fafe..
Here you have the Phone number, Fax and e-mail

Agrupamento de Escolas Prof. Carlos Teixeira - 2010

Telef: 253 700 680      fax: 253 597 354

email: [email protected]

Av. da Liberdade  4820-118 FAFE

Phone or write and check yourself - I am the teacher in charge of the English webpage , in MY SCHOOL ( and YES, I am shouting ).

Hope you go back to the reporting page and undo your own mess.

Sorry, I am really sorry for having to post this in the forum, but I am getting tired and fed up with so many dilligent people around. Yesterday someone reported Alenka!!!!!!! God, imagine, reporting Alenka!!! Why are people so happy when they report? Why, people who don t know anything about this community, think they are very smart, why don t they ask first, why don t they leave the work for those who can do it?


15 Aug 2010      


I have always wondered how to avoid that sort of reporting. ( The problem is I have did it once) When we find that a worksheet comes from an othere site, how can we know that it is the same person? That s why I don t report stolen worksheets any more, because I m never sure. Perhaps the author could say in the description that he has posted this worksheet on an other website.

15 Aug 2010     


Why do you bother all of us with this private feud?
It is considered very bad style to publish private messages on the forum.

15 Aug 2010     


Dear Olinda,

In fact, I reported because someone else didn t want to get in trouble with you. Nasty comments in the forum, like this one, I suppose.

Other than that I report stuff I come across by accident or my gutt feeling tells me something stinks.

No, I wont call to check, it is not important enough for me.

I am sorry, this (reaction) is just too immature for me to comment any further.


15 Aug 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Silvia

Thank you for answering.
Do you know why I am mad about this? Not because someone reported, but because someone who doesn t know me, doesn t know anything about me has decided and wrote that I am suspicious and is deeply shocked with my behaviour.
People can report, ok.
People SHOULDN T make value judgements.

Besides, why has this member decided to check my work?  Is she a kind of cow sheriff? Hasn t she enough work to do with daily contributions? Does she need to to check back, printables with one or two years? Is this a kind of what? Is she prossecuting people?
She wants to report, she reports. She can t make any comments about me, if she wants she can comment her own life, if someone is interested.

sorry, Silvia, but I am really fed up with all this mess. I don t cheat.


15 Aug 2010     


Well, people who have nothing to hide and worry about can relax, can t they?

Von guten Mchten wunderbar geborgen
erwarten wir getrost, was kommen mag.
Gott ist bei uns am Abend und am Morgen
und ganz gewi an jedem neuen Tag.

Noch will das Alte unsre Herzen qulen,
noch drckt uns bser Tage schwere Last.
Ach, Herr, gib unsern aufgeschreckten Seelen
das Heil, fr das Du uns geschaffen hast.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

15 Aug 2010     


@ blunderbuster

15 Aug 2010     


I wanted to give some people some time to cool off while trying to translate it themselves ;o)

Oh well, my hidden motives.....I am bad to the bone and I admit it.

15 Aug 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Oh, Lord, give our frightened souls
the salvation for which you have created us.

May also God give the pwer to think by your ouwn mind, I mean, it s really a pitty you  and I quote "
In fact, I reported because someone else didn t want to get in trouble with you. Nasty comments in the forum, like this one, I suppose. "

So, not only you do what others tell you to do, but you also leave a slight impression that someone, who doesn t like me, who doesn t want to get in trouble with me, wants my printables reported and, you are the kind person who does the dirty job.

Remember also that, there are many people who have also studied German.
Have a nice day and, please, don t forget that you can still go to the reporting page and clean  your dirty job.

15 Aug 2010     


@blunderbuster: You cou could have waited with the posting.Angry I find it incredibly rude to post in any other language here, but in English. Also - the lyrics are taken out of context and given that they have a religious background, they really don t belong here. (I like them, that makes me especially angry.)

Apart from that - how about an apology to Linda? I do find it appropriate, even though I m not a fan of private disputes in the forum.

15 Aug 2010     


blunderbuster, you re going a bit too far now.

You ve been so very moral, you ve accused, criticized such a lot practically the moment you entered this site some months ago, and now you just make fun of people and make your own rules.
How about apologizing because you accused somebody injustly instead of further attacking this person and making stupid comments about hidden motivation.

How sad that the wonderful poem/prayer by the wonderful Bonhoeffer is being abused in such a sad and respectless way. That hurts. You re being abominable today. This is in particularly bad taste. Shame on you.

(For all those who dont know what the poem is about : its a poem/prayer composed by the protestant priest Bonhoeffer for his family the night before he was executed by the Nazis and it has become a church carol because it expresses deep faith in God and things to come, no matter how hard times are. It is sung when people have died or around Dec. 31st and Jan 1st at the change of the year)

15 Aug 2010     

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