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POLL Question!

South Africa

POLL Question!
I have a poll question.
I īm not from Korea, but I live and work here. In Korea, it īs common to either remove your outdoor shoes when entering a home, or change into slippers (easy to slip on shoes.)
The English text book here implies that most Westerners don īt remove or change their outdoor shoes when entering a home. I īd like to tell my students about the real situation, should it be otherwise.
The poll question is:
Do you wear your outdoor shoes into the home?
Please answer in a sentence (to avoid ambiguity)
eg: Yes, I wear my outdoor shoes into the home
No, I remove my outdoor shoes, or change into slippers when entering the home.
Please also state the country you are from, or the country to which your answer applies, as well as any additional info you īd like to offer.

11 Oct 2010      


Hi! I also teach in Korea. To answer your question:
No, I never wear my outdoor shoes in the house.
When I visit my family who lives in Canada, we do not wear our outdoor shoes into the home either.

11 Oct 2010     

United States

Hello! I teach in Korea as well.  As for me, I usually take my outdoor shoes off in the entrance way of my family īs home.  This is something I learned from my family.  The exception is if I īm in a hurry and forgot something, then maybe I would just run inside quickly with my shoes still on to get what I need.
However, in my own apartment, I am not as strict about doing this.  Since coming to Korea, I try to follow the custom of taking off my shoes in the entrance my apartment.  But when I lived in some apartments in the States, I would normally just take off my shoes in my bedroom.  (I don īt really like wearing shoes inside).
When I visit another person īs home, I follow whatever their custom is.  If they take off their shoes, then I do as well.  If they don īt, then I normally don īt.
Personally, I just wear slippers when I am feeling cold.  However, my parents (in the U.S) tend to wear them very often.

11 Oct 2010     

Korea, South


I don īt wear outdoor shoes inside either. I always take them off and leave them in the entrance to my house both in New Zealand and in Korea.
 Some people in New Zealand do wear shoes inside and some don īt....everyone is different .

11 Oct 2010     



I don īt wear outside shoes inside when I am home in England.

11 Oct 2010     


hi, in mexico we do wear our outdoor shoes inside the home. we may change into slippers to rest our feet but not for any other reason and that is only sometimes.as a matter of fact I live in Guanajuato in the center of the country and I used to hear from my grandmother and mother things like: we shouldnt change our outdoor shoes immediately arriving home because we could get bunions. I want to think that this is an old wives tale but still that is what I grew up hearing.

11 Oct 2010     


Iīm fromt  Minnesota, in the USA.  In the midwest we do often wear our shoes indoors in the Summer time.  Unless of course it has been raining, and we KNOW our shoes are dirty. There is often a mat/rug inside the door for people to wipe their feet on before entering.  In the winter though, we usually always take our boots/shoes off, as they will always be wet.

11 Oct 2010     


I īm from Argentina. I do wear my outdoor shoes when I go into my house. However, some people in my country remove their shoes and put on slippers to avoid getting the floor dirty.

11 Oct 2010     


I wear my outside shoes in the house unless they are wet or dirty.

Most Australians wear their shoes in the house.
Australians from a different country (we have many migrants) follow the custom of their own country.

11 Oct 2010     


by slippers i mean the ones we weare before sleeping or maybe we will wear flipflops or something more comfortable but we do it to relax as far as i know not to dirty the house unless as someone mentioned before it is rainy season and we have muddy shoes.

11 Oct 2010     


I īm French, I teach English in France and my mum always told me "remove your shoes when you come in" so that īs what I do. Usually I remove them inside my house, maybe 2 seconds after I closed the door, except if I know I won īt stay long (2-3 minutes, for example because I forgot something and I īm looking for it).
The only other case when I keep my shoes in my house is when I have a party: My guests keep their shoes on, so do I. But when a friend stays over, they take off their shoes when they come in - girls usually have slippers in their bag, and boys are usually barefoot!
and when I go to my parents ī house, the same rules apply, same for my parents-in-law, my friends... French people have usually a place near the door where you can put your shoes, because it īs not very healthy/clean to wear your shoes inside... (donīt want to offend anyone, thatīs how I was brought up, needless to say not all French people are the same)
have a nice day - here it īs 8.30am!

11 Oct 2010     

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