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problems with worksheets


problems with worksheets

Today, I am a bit surprised by some woksheets I have seen, thatīs why I leave this message to have your opinion.

- I found several worksheets about maths: the only task is to calculate! Of course, noone downloaded them, because we are not Maths teachers!!! I donīt even know if the teachers who upload those worksheets are really English teachers....

- I found some where the teachers explain in their own language... Even one said "disculpen, no se hablar ingles". I havenīt spoken any Spanish for a long time, but for me it means "I donīt speak English". Am i right???? Well, then how is this person going to understand what we say about our worksheets???? I didnīt want to be rude, so I didnīt leave this person a message, but I find all this very surprising...!!!!

- A lot of people send scanned pages, as you have seen. I remember when I first joined this community, I read and reread all the rules, to be sure not to make any mistake and to send worksheets I have created. Why is it so difficult for some people to understand the rules!! It doesnīt take long to read them....

But, fortunately, we can find beautiful, very creative and useful worksheets on this great site. so thanks to all the fantastic teachers. You have helped me a lot: i have completely changed my way of creating worksheets in order to make them more interesting to my pupils, thanks to you!!

Sorry for this long message!!! But I got really disappointed today by some contributions...


24 Jan 2009      

Mar (itxasobcn)

Clap helenemonge

24 Jan 2009     


Hi Helen
I think you are right, I totally agree with you. Itīs sad but true. There are more and more printables every day but very few are worth downloading.
I donīt like that because itīs getting more and more tiring to have a look at all the contributions of the day...
Anyway, the only solution is to report and if youīre in the mood, maybe leave a message to the person who uploaded it...

As you said, this site is full of creative generous people who are willing to share so letīs try not to get disappointed about what we see here īcause we know that the site is GREAT!!!!!! (in spite of the points youīve mentioned)

Cheer up!
See you.,

24 Jan 2009     


I wrote this post a few days ago: http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=3957
and also this one: http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=3801
I understand how you are feeling!

24 Jan 2009     


I would like also to add that the person who uploaded the calendar "worksheets" , or whatever you want to call them , are not really ESL pages!!!!
I totally agree with Flavia that it has been getting more and more tiring to have a look at all the contributions of the day...
As someone already said (and Iīm sorry that I donīt remember who since I read so many notices today) - DON"T DOWNLOAD pages you think are NOT ESL pages or copied or are just useless. Because those who  put them there think that they might get points just by posting pages and this is not correct.

I would like also to add to
Hélčneīs remark -  not only she saw someone post "disculpen, no se hablar ingles", but I also often encounter titles to pages that ARE NOT IN ENGLISH!!!!! Why???? We are all supoosed to be English teachers and USE English. 

24 Jan 2009     


I guess we all are very disappointed. But letīs try to do as flavia says - be persistent and report every single worksheet that it is not an ESl resource or that goes against the rules like scanned pages. Letīs find the time to do that and Iīm sure Victor will do what is best.
A nice evening to you all.

24 Jan 2009     


You are 100% right! Just now Iīve seen a ws that was scanned, by Chance, and it was downloaded by a considerated number of people... and people leave comments saying despite the poor quality (wonder why...), itīs a good work!!!! Wake up!!!


24 Jan 2009     


i totally agree with you helen, but i think the aim behind these contributions is to get more points then to have opportunity to download more printables. i hope we could express our thoughts by having free chat in order to improve our spoken languge.

25 Jan 2009