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ESL forum > Concerning powerpoints > Why are the powerpoint MB allowances so low? Please change.    

Why are the powerpoint MB allowances so low? Please change.

Korea, South

Why are the powerpoint MB allowances so low? Please change.
The average powerpoint is more than 3MB. I have so many good ppts to share and yet I cannot because of this ridiculously low threshold. I would  be willing to pay $1 a month if it meant I could upload bigger files. As of right now, I can only share printables. Also, how about allowing PDF files??? Sometimes I create really great printables that will lose their formatting if I do not convert it to PDF. Not everyone has the same fonts or programs. I suspect the MB limitations are the reason there are so few good ppts to choose from because really good and engaging ppts are definitely more than 3MB.

26 Aug 2015      


You might have missed the multiple discussions about pdf here in the forum.
Just if you īre interested, you can check a similar post here
Also Victor (our webmaster) had tried to launch a new system that would have allowed pdf and other stuff but it didn īt work. You can read his post here

27 Aug 2015     


First of all,there are thousands of great powerpoints on this site.My students love them! Second,there is no need to insist on uploading PDF files.If you really want to send your work,convert your PDF file into jpg-you can easily do it on the net.Insert your document,which is now in jpg format,into a Microsoft Word file.Then you are done,it is simple.

27 Aug 2015