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Since the day I registered this site I see an ocean of wonderful contribuitons. I remember the times when I was looking forward to becoming a premium member. Now I get those incredibly beautiful worksheets and powerpoints. Thank you very much for this.
What I want to mention is that one of my criteria to download a worksheet is the comments made about it. Of course I read the description made by the owner of the worksheet, but wouldn īt it be better that we can read more detailed comments than just saying thanks. The comments of different people will be objective and very useful in my opininon. I know it takes time to write so long, but isn īt it worth writing and reading comments which gives real opinions???

7 May 2009      


 Comments or no comments!
 Leaving comments...
 Another "never ending story" : COMMENTS!!!!!
 poor amount of comments
 Please at least write some comments!!
and the list goes on and on and on ... get my point? Wink
if you want more, go here:
(you can always do it yourself if you type the key word in the search engine at the bottom of the page) Thumbs Up

7 May 2009     


I agree that useful coments are better.  Of course I appreciate when people say thank-you, however it is not productive.  Sometimes I see an upload that reminds me of another game that can be done with it or something related to it.  Comments are a great place to share ideas or ways of improvement.

7 May 2009     

manonski (f)

exiliser, you say in your thread that one of your criteria is the comments left by others. My guess is you īre probably missing some great worksheets for your students because of the lack of comments on some sheets you might have downloaded.
I īm not one of these people who leave constructive comments. However, I always leave a thank you or a mark of my appreciation because what I download saves me time and will be useful for my students.  When I chose a sheet to download, it īs not about what other people might think about it, it īs about my students and the levels I teach.
I īd rather have a thank you than nothing at all.

8 May 2009     

alien boy

Victor, maybe, if you get the opportunity, you should work on that īThank you ī button for downloads - something that will register a īThank you ī, leave the name of the thanker & give a nice message on the download page saying something like īYour upload is really appreciated! xxx members have thanked you. These are their names: x,y,z,..... ī

That would leave the comments for constructive things & still give people a really warm & fuzzy feeling (& knowledge) that their work is appreciated.


8 May 2009     


When we comment after downloading we are leaving a subjective opinion, based on what we can see from the ws "window". I īm not a patient person and don īt wait until all the pages load to see their content. Maybe only the first page and the explanation on how to use it, the title, etc.

We only can leave an objective comment after using the ws, so we can see if the exercises or grammar points really work. Sometimes I leave a simple comment just saying "thanks" and when I print & use the ws I realize how awesome, useful and enjoyable it is.

Wss that I might consider not a real ESL resource may be useful to other teachers, so I don īt pay much attention to their comments, only if there is a "stolen" report on them.

8 May 2009