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Account cancellled


Account cancellled
hello, I ´m Alex Carr. El_profe55

Today I ´ve received a message telling me that my account has been cancelled!
I understand I made a mistake uploading a ws that wasn ´t mine, but I didn ´t do it on porpose because I typed that ws three years ago when I was teaching passive voice and I thought it was mine (till someone show me the contrary).
I told moderators to remove it, and I feel so ashamed about that mistake.

I would like to know why if I made just a mistake my account has been cancelled! or is there another reason?

Thanks in advance

Alex Carr

5 Dec 2010      


Alex, only Victor can tell you. As far as I know it takes more than one strike, maybe that policy has changed. 

5 Dec 2010     


It ´s really a shame that your account has been cancelled  just for  one mistake ! Considering that some members here have been deliberatly copying other members ´ ws. and didn ´t get any sanction whatsoever !! I have appreciated your work and still will  , hoping you will get a clear explanation from Victor !

keep going anyway

5 Dec 2010     

Czech Republic


I am afraid Alex is right. His previous account was EL_Profe55, now he ´s writing as Elprofe55, am I right, Alex? 

I must agree with Regina ´s word. As a moderator, you know that none of us can give you a satisfactory explanation, you have to ask Victor. 

But it definitely is surprising that you were cancelled after one report. 

As you make a real piece of work at ESLP, I hope you ´ll feel like continuing here. 

Greetings, Mish

5 Dec 2010     


Hi, Alex. It ´s really strange that your account was canceled only because of one ws. Perhaps you should contact Victor.
All the best

5 Dec 2010     

Czech Republic

as I can remember, this wasn ´t only one single mistake. Some time ago (before you became a moderator) there were more of your wss reported as copies.
Victor wouldn ´t cancel your account just because of  1 mistake.

5 Dec 2010     


yes, you are right Mish.

I ´m writing here to know if there ´s another reason for been banned, I mean to know if I broke another rule.

I feel so bad after a hard work I ´ve done here.

5 Dec 2010     


Hi Alex:

The two rules below maybe explain what happened:

The administrator of the website is allowed to cancel your account at his discretion if you don ´t follow the rules of the website.

If three of your contributions are confirmed as copies by the moderators, your account will be reviewed by the administrator of the website, who might cancel your account at his discretion, taking into account the percentage of your work has been copied, if you have been warned previously, etc.

If you need more details, I’m afraid the only person who can give you them is Victor, send him a PM.

5 Dec 2010     


Yes MJ I remember that. I would say I ´ve learnt from those mistakes.

Comes to my mind  one of my wss about Cinderella, I adapted it to my SS and I thought it was enough to upload it here, but I was absolutely wrong.

5 Dec 2010     

Czech Republic

And that might be the reason why your account has been cancelled.  I believe you ´ve learnt and that is what you should write to Victor. The truth is you have put some good work to this site.
Good luck, Michaela

5 Dec 2010     


Thanks Zailda. I ´ve already send him a PM.
 The wait is killing me

5 Dec 2010     

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