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I love cats and I love eslprintables.

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The Top Ten ESL websites
These are brilliant ESL websites! Are they the best 10? Well, I have not included the very best one as anyone accessing this knows that it is of course, eslprintables. Thanks to Gi2gi (Giorgi) for his help with this list.
Level: intermediate
Age: 6-16
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 159

London or Paris?
I am going to extend this and do projects on major European cities - but this may be useful as a picture-based discussion exercise. By the way - one of the pictures says itīs by Alpha Holiday lettings. Iīve contacted them 3 times for permission and they havenīt replied. Anyway, itīs not actually a copyright mark. Second btw - Paris wins hands-down!
Level: advanced
Age: 11-100
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 156

Carnival Day
A great jigsaw puzzle picture with a true and false exercise - thank you to Ravensburger for permission to use it. This great picture is part of Ravensburgerīs īBest of Britishī series.
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-15
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 152

Question Words
A few exercises on question words and īam/is/areī This great template is by PhilipR.
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 149

The big fish in a small pond
The famous story of the big fish in a small pond - we all know one, donīt we?;-)Cloze, True or false; grid and visual on page 2 for practice with comparatives and superlatives.
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-16
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 146

On Christmas Eve
A great picture with some exercises. There is a full key on page 2.
Level: elementary
Age: 7-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 144

Write sentences with the preposition īONī.
The students have to match the word and the object and then make sentences using īonī as in the examples. This picture is from Los Rosales - try the website for great interactive exercises.
Level: elementary
Age: 7-16
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 143

Arranged marriage versus love marriage
I think itīs a useful, lively debate.
Level: advanced
Age: 12-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 142

Miss Marvel is saved by a cat
A passage with exercises on the past tense. Miss Marvel had a terrible start to her lesson, but this was saved when a strange cat came into her classroom.
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-16
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 142

Describe the picture.
This picture puzzle is doing the rounds at the moment. I have added some basic questions describing the picture. Then, the puzzle questions! These are difficult. Donīt worry, there is a full answer key on page 2 and a link to the article. The picture was reproduced by the Daily Mail, which thinks itīs from an old story book. Good for beginners and ...
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 141


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